Hairlista challenge – Baby My Ends

Baby My Ends” Challenge – Part 2


Start Date: January 1st

End Date: June 30th

(Total of 6 months)

The ends of your hair are the main areas to focus on when growing out your hair. It is the oldest area of the hair that requires the most care. Trimming and dusting your ends helps maintain nicer, healthier looking hair. The purpose of this challenge is to take better care of our ends through healthy hair care practices.

Things that may help you include:

  1. Deep conditioning often.
  2. Hot oil treatments.
  3. Baggying. (see Sunshyne’s “Baggying 101” under “Hair Help” for more information.
  4. Protective Styling.
  5. Using less heat (avoid as much as possible, but if you choose to use heat, make sure to use a a good heat protectant).
  6. Protein and moisture treatments (to keep breakage to a minimum).
  7. Moisturizing and sealing (using a moisturizer and using oil to seal it).

To check what type of split ends you may have, see this chart:



—Check in once a month with updates or any noticeable progress.

—Ask questions when in need of help.

—Take photos of your progress.

—Be respectful towards each other.

—“Start” and “Result” photos are mandatory.

—Be consistent with your regimens and washes/co-washes.

—Trim/dust when needed. (Don’t hold on to thin, see thru ends for the sake of length; if you see that your ends are in need of a trim/dusting, please do so.)

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