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I finally got the time to relax my hair at 21 weeks post. I planned to relax my hair last week, but due bad timing it wasn’t possible. I also wanted to do a protein treatment one week before, but I changed my mind and will do the treatment next week. So before the relaxer it didn’t prep my hair.

This time I wasn’t really happy with my new growth. The inches of growth was okay. But if look at the positive side, my new growth was soft and manageable. I could have stretch my hair for a longer period, but I want to stop at 20 weeks post.

First things first, I had to detangle my hair with my fake denim brush. After that I applied Fantasia Hair Polisher Serum on the length of my hair, that’s already been relaxed. Normally I will use a conditioner, but need to finish this product. In sections of four I applied the relaxer on my hair, starting at the back and working my way to the front. When relaxing my hair I don’t use a comb to smooth out the new growth. I use my fingers to smooth it out. Because I texlax my hair –under procces- I don’t let the relaxer sit for long.

I part my hair in four sections and start at the back with applying the relaxer. I change the relaxer formula by adding some almond oil. Mixing the formula with an oil slows down the relaxing process.

2015.02.07 relaxer2015.02.07 relaxer formula x oil2015.02.07 relaxer shampoo


formula                      formula x almond oil                shamooo

This time I didn’t keep track with the time. I just went own with relaxing. At a moment I was afraid that I mixed too much oil with the formula. When I was smoothing out the new growth I still good see my new growth. But after a few minutes it was time to wash the relaxer out.

For the wash I used Elasta QP Stop Action Shampoo & ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo. I first used the shampoo from Elasta QP to make sure that there were no traces of the relaxer. To completely wash my hair I used ORS.

When I was done washing my hair. I could feel that my scalp was sensitive. Next time I need to oil my scalp.

Overall I’m happy that I texlaxed my hair, because I was missing the smooth look. But I’m ready for a change. I hope that this time around I will do better with retaining my length.

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