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Ow my .. I need help!! It’s been a while. I fell off the map a little bit. This couple of months has been crazy. I finally got my own place – doing my happy ratchet dance – and it has taking a lot of my energy. As result I have been neglecting my hair, BAD!! Not keeping up with my regimen has ‘damage my hair’. What I mean with damage, I noticed I have a lot of split ends and my hair is breaking as a mother f@#%r. I’m at a point that I’m so mad at myself that I want to cut my hair and start all over – yes cut it, cut it … you need to cut it … -. How can I grow out my hair and keep it healthy if I’m not taking care of it properly? It’s like you want to lose weight, but you keep eating junk food every day #SMH. How will you see any progress? Don’t get me wrong .. I have come a long way and there has been progress. From the girl that needed to relaxed her hair as soon she saw a new growth, to now stretch a relaxer to 6 months. My hair transformed from bone straight texture to a thicker ‘relaxed’ texture. Believe me I’m super pleased about that.


When I started my hair journey, in April 2010, I was up on my game and I noticed a lot of stuff what I did in the beginning of my hair journey is now not part of my regimen or it makes an appearance once a while – that’s not the business – . I need to go back to the basic, because that really helped with keeping my hair healthy.

Being on my journey for 6 years, I know I can achieve much more with keeping my hair healthy. But to achieve that I need to do better. I need to go back to the girl I was when I started my hair journey. So as from today I’m starting over … I’m starting FRESH. While I typing this, I’m laughing out loud, because when I started my hair journey in 2010 I cut my hair to shoulder length. I think it’s time to cut my hair professional – I never been to a hair salon to cut my hair – . To make a fresh start, you need to start new… right?  I’m going to review what I need to change and what to bring back to my regimen. I will also do some challenges to keep up with my regimen.

What were your struggles during your hair journey? And what did you do to change it? Please share your story, because I like to learn from others as well. Sharing is caring


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  1. What is it about 2016 and everyone’s hair journey is not going according to plan. This time last year I was almost bra strap length and I ended up having to cut my hair to neck length into a bob in April this year and I actually wanted to cry and although it has grown I can’t get used to this short hair life… Back on my hair journey and hope to be at least arm-pit length by early next year.-strap length

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