Relaxer | April 29!

producsDoing a happy dance! I finally was able to relax my hair under 19 weeks. There was a moment I was really getting tired of my new growth, because of the thickness. I was dealing with different textures and when I was styling my hair, I really wasn’t feeling my looks. It was time for the creamy crack!

To start the process, I mixed the formula and added some Olive Oil – using an oil is my way to slow down the relaxing process -. I totally forgot to apply Vaseline to my hair that already has been relaxed. I freaked out a bit, so I quickly applied the texturizer to my hair.

With my last relaxer I went for the ‘slick’ look when it comes to my edges and nape, but this time I didn’t go overboard with the sleek look.

After the first round applying the texturizer, I used my fingers to smooth out my new growth. I don’t use a comb. When I was done with smoothing I was pleased and decided not to apply any texturizer.

Everything was done within 30 minutes (applying, massaging & resting).

After rinsing out the texturizing it was time to wash my hair. I always follow up with ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo. When it comes to getting rid of the relaxer I wash my hair more than 3 times – you can never be too sure -. To get rid of the excess water, I used a cotton t-shirt.

Normally I would use the ORS Replenishing Conditioner, but my hair was in need of a protein treatment. So I used ORS Hair Mayo Conditioning Treatment. I deep condition more than an hour without heat.

My hair still has some texture after relaxing. I’m happy that I finally got to relax my hair within 20 weeks. I also notice that my hair by my edges were slightly thicker than normal.

Although I haven’t made a success with retaining my length, I definitely made an improvement with my new growth. The new growth of my hair has a soft and thick texture. If you look at my picture some will say that it wasn’t necessary to relax.


The journey to healthy thick hair continues.

Healthy Journey,

E. Diary

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