Wash day routine | September 9!

Wash routine for relaxed hair

19 weeks post relaxer

I can’t wait to relaxer my hair. Because of the new growth I’m so tired of my hair. For this wash I wanted to do a protein treatment, but laziness kicked in, so I just went on with a regular wash.

To clean my scalp & hair I used ORS Monoi Oil Fortifying Shampoo. I really like this shampoo. No matter how rough my hair feels, the moment when I apply the shampoo to my hair feels soft! In sections of four I washed my hair twice.

This product is also keeper! This product gives a good protein/moisture balance. What I like about this product you don’t need much. Without heat I deep condition my hair.

I always use the shampoo, conditioner & oil from the Monoi line, but I have never used their leave-in. so I decided to use a sample that I got. To be honest, in my eyes the product is okey. I need to use this product more often to see how I will like it. To seal my hair I used ORS Monoi Oil Fusion.

This wash was definitely an all Monoi experience. My hair felt thick and soft.

Soon I will be relaxing (texlax) my hair. Also I’m planning to do more fun styles with my hair and getting in touch with new hair products.


The journey to thick and healthy hair continues!
E. Diary

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