Clarifying wash routine!

Wash routine on Saturday October 6!

12 weeks post relaxer

This past Saturday was a very interesting day. I wanted to wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo, but guess what …. There was no shampoo. I was forced to leave the house to buy a bottle.

“It was a must to clarify my hair”

STEP 1 | Shampoo
I finally got my shampoo and it was time to get my hair and scalp extra clean with ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo.

“This product is my clarifying shampoo”

In sections of four I shampooed my hair and to be honest my hair felt good. Again I didn’t keep up with my monthly routine, so it was really necessary for me to clarify. I t-shirt dried my hair and continued with the following process. After the wash my hair felt stiff, but also fluffy, if it makes sense. I could definitely feel that my scalp is relieved!

STEP 2 | Conditioner
I want to make some changes when it comes to conditioning and incorporate more hydrating based products. For this wash I wanted to know how my hair would react if I used a hydrating based product. So I used L’Oréal Botanicals Lavender Hydrating Concoction Conditioning Balm. In sections of four I applied the conditioner to my hair and left it on for more than 10 minutes without heat.

STEP 3 | Leave-in
I kept it real simple with my leave-in by making my own spritz. It is just some Rosewater mixed with water.
Rosewater has some great benefits plus its cheap!

I sprayed the spritz all over my hair and continued with styling my hair so that I could air-dry.

Overall I’m pleased with my wash routine. Important step was to clarify my hair so that I could get rid of all the build-up.

Last clarifying: unknown
Recent clarifying: 6th October 2018
Next clarifying: 3rd November 2018

Let the thick & healthy journey continue!


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