Diary Talk | Realization!


Ow my .. I need help!! It’s been a while. I fell off the map a little bit. This couple of months has been crazy. I finally got my own place – doing my happy ratchet dance – and it has taking a lot of my energy. As result I have been neglecting my hair, BAD!! Not keeping up with my regimen has ‘damage my hair’. What I mean with damage, I noticed I have a lot of split ends and my hair is breaking as a mother f@#%r. I’m at a point that I’m so mad at myself that I want to cut my hair and start all over – yes cut it, cut it … you need to cut it … -. How can I grow out my hair and keep it healthy if I’m not taking care of it properly? It’s like you want to lose weight, but you keep eating junk food every day #SMH. How will you see any progress? Don’t get me wrong .. I have come a long way and there has been progress. From the girl that needed to relaxed her hair as soon she saw a new growth, to now stretch a relaxer to 6 months. My hair transformed from bone straight texture to a thicker ‘relaxed’ texture. Believe me I’m super pleased about that.

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DiaryArchives | Pre-Poo Treatment

Pre-poo treatment IIn November I tried to pre-poo my hair weekly. During my hair journey I used this method before but I wasn’t regularly. I have pre-pooed with a light conditioner and only oils before.

Pre-poo (preshampoo treatment) is a treatment what you before shampooing your hair. 

There are different ways to pre-poo your hair. You can use

  • an oil or a mixture of oils
  • a ‘light weight’ conditioner
  • Honey
  • Yogurt
  • Masque
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Hair talk | Texturizer vs Relaxer

texturizer vs relaxer

Is your natural or are you relaxed? That is one of the questions that I get often. Most people know that I relax my hair, but I still get look like ‘ohw I thought that you were Natural’.

Whether you are natural of relaxed it’s all about keeping your healthy. But for some years know the word texturizer comes by.  In my environment the texturizer is mostly used by ladies who are natural. The reason they use it is because it loosens up the curls pattern. But what I mainly noticed that they claim that their hair is still natural.

Me: uuhhmm isn’t a texturizer the same as a relaxer? Them: no because when I wash my hair it curls back. Me: uuhhmm it’s a chemical product and the conversations goes on. I remember that I had a discussion with a friend about the texturizer that got a bit heated – lool-

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First Impression | Hairfinity

2015.01.21 Hairfinity


So the year 2014 was all about Hairfinity. I don’t know why, but everybody and their momma were promoting the hair vitamins capsules. Well I know why, because of the great outcome by taking them.

I never thought that I will be using Hairfinity. The reason why I say that is because I’m really bad with taking supplements. In the past I have used vitamin B supplements, but it gave me breakouts and I didn’t see any results.

My sister won a giveaway where she received 3 bottles of Hairfinity. She gave me one and that bottle has been chilling in my room for some months now. – She was even angry at me and said that she was planning to give the bottle away – I made excuses for not taking the capsules and then I thought heck let’s give it a try.  January 1st I started taking the vitamins capsules. Like I said I’m not good with taking supplements but so far it’s going oke.

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