Diary Talk |Hair Goals 2017

hair goal '17

My ow my .. how time flies by. The year 2016 past by QUICK!! As I’m getting ready to write down my hair goals, we already are in the 4th week of January.

When I look back at my hair journey in the year 2016, I can definitely say ‘it’s been a journey’. I had some setbacks that caused me to cut my hair several times. My biggest problem is still having to deal with ‘heavy’ breakage. As results it wasn’t possible for me to retain my length.

For this year I’m going to make a couple chances to my regimen. First important thing, I need to stop being lazy and stay consistent. When I first started my hair journey, I was consistent with my weekly and monthly routine. Now I’m just slacking. Secondly, I always wrote down my hair problems & hair goals. This year I’m going to continue with writing stuff down, so that I will keep me on track with my hair growth.

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Diary Talk | Realization!


Ow my .. I need help!! It’s been a while. I fell off the map a little bit. This couple of months has been crazy. I finally got my own place – doing my happy ratchet dance – and it has taking a lot of my energy. As result I have been neglecting my hair, BAD!! Not keeping up with my regimen has ‘damage my hair’. What I mean with damage, I noticed I have a lot of split ends and my hair is breaking as a mother f@#%r. I’m at a point that I’m so mad at myself that I want to cut my hair and start all over – yes cut it, cut it … you need to cut it … -. How can I grow out my hair and keep it healthy if I’m not taking care of it properly? It’s like you want to lose weight, but you keep eating junk food every day #SMH. How will you see any progress? Don’t get me wrong .. I have come a long way and there has been progress. From the girl that needed to relaxed her hair as soon she saw a new growth, to now stretch a relaxer to 6 months. My hair transformed from bone straight texture to a thicker ‘relaxed’ texture. Believe me I’m super pleased about that.

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