Wash day | February 14!

2015.02.14 wash day products

For the wash routine I decided to do a ‘hard’ protein treatment, because last week I texlaxed my hair. I can’t remember when I did a protein treatment – I really need to do better –

 Step 1

The routine started with washing my hair. As always I shampooed my hair in four sections using ApHogee Deep Moisture shampoo. The hair loss during the wash was minimal. After that I wrapped my hair with a towel and let it sit for 15 minutes, to soak all the water.

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Wash day | 4th January ‘15

2015.01.04 wash day products (eemsdiary)

The last couple week I have been concentrating with getting rid of my split ends. In my recent post I mentioned that I need to take a break with using a flat iron on my hair. I’m really suffering from long split ends. My goals for this year is to reach BSL (Bra Strap Length), but first my main focus is retaining my length.

At this moment I’m 17 weeks post. I planned to texlaxed my hair at 20 weeks post.



More and more and loving doing a pre poo treatment with oils. In sections of four I applied an oil mix (Grape seed x Sesame seed x Coconut oil) to the length of my hair, concentration on my ends. For my scalp I used a different oil mix (Jamaican Black Castor x Coconut oil). I let the oils sit on my hair for about an hour.

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The product junkie diary | S H A M P O O


It was time for me to make a list of my current products. Sometimes I ask myself why I have so many products – I don’t even use everything – . By making a list I will have a better view. Sometimes I forget that I even have a specific product

My goal is to finish my current products so I can make room for some new products, that I want to try out. Don’t get me wrong I am in love with some of the products. But there are some products that I need to say goodbye to.

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Wash day 25 January ’14

2014.01.25 Wash dayOne week has gone by and I’m ready for my protective style again. I live in the Netherlands and the weather here SUCKS!!! So to protect my lovey hair I will be rocking my u-part wig with a closure.

Step 1
I started my routine with a pre-poo oil treatment.  I used my oil mix (click on the link, to see what my pre-poo oil mix is). In small section I applied the oil on my scalp and hair. I make sure that I massage my scalp with the oil and concentrate on my ends. After that I used my hooded dryer for about 30 minutes. I love the way my hair feels after this treatment, it’s so shiny and my ends are alive again lool.

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Quick wash routine 28 November ‘13

Last week Sunday I didn’t wash my hair, don’t ask me why (laziness ughh L). This week my hair was screaming for a wash but I couldn’t  find the time to do it. Last night (Friday) LeHomie had

2013.11.30 quick wash routine

a FABULOUS DINER EVENT. I was so lost what to do with my hair, but the important thing what needed to be done is wash my hair.

I normally don’t do a full wash routine during the week, so I was really lost how to go about it. It was late, I was tired and had to go to work the next day. So I decided to do a quick wash around  23:00 PM (giving myself the side eye).

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