Clarifying wash routine!

Wash routine on Saturday October 6!

12 weeks post relaxer

This past Saturday was a very interesting day. I wanted to wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo, but guess what …. There was no shampoo. I was forced to leave the house to buy a bottle.

“It was a must to clarify my hair”

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Shopping Goods | September

I have been good with my shopping habits. I’m trying my best not to buy new hair products. Sometimes I even fight with myself – lol – Is there a cure for a product junkie. But last month I did some shopping and it was all about the OILS!!

shopping goods september I

First I had to buy a new relaxer. After 22 weeks it’s was time for the creamy crack. I switch back to the no-lye formula. I also bought some staple product

Rosewater 300 ml (Store Afro New Creations, €1,25)
Almond Oil 300 ml (Store Afro New Creations, €3,95)

-a new oil to try out-

Sesame seed oil 250 ml (Store Afro New Creations, €2,99)

shopping goods September II

I also bought me some essential oils. There was a discount. I’m always down for a discount.

Tea Tree 30 ml (De Tuinen, €6,99             >   €3,49)
Sweet Orange 30 ml (De Tuinen, €5,99     >   €2,99)
Lemon 30 ml (De Tuinen, €5,99                >   €2,99)
Rosemary 30 ml (De Tuinen, €5,99           >   €2,99)

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Wash day January 18 ‘14

2014.01.18 Wash day

For the past 4 weeks I have been wearing my u-part wig with a closure. Hahaha let me tell you .. I was so afraid for the closure. I bought the closure last year in March and I finally decided to use it. I will write a post about how I maintain my hair with a u-part wig.

When I do this protective style I make sure that I was my hair every two weeks. So yesterday  was time for a wash.

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Hair essential: Rose water !!

 Hair essential Rose waterI love me some Rosewater, yes I do. I use it for my hair and skin. I like to use Rose water to dilute products. For example my ORS Hair Lotion, I like this lotions but it’s really thick. Instead of using water to dilute I use Rose water. I also like it as a leave-in. One time I accidently use Rose water as a spritz for my roller set (I thought I was using water), but when I was done .. my hair was sooo moisturized and shiny, I knew this product was a keeper.

Rose water improves the quality of one’s hair by acting as a great moisturizer. Mix some rose water in the bath or in your shampoo and you’ll be left with conditioned and moisturized hair which smells great and is extremely soft to touch.

I need to find out other ways how to use this lovely product

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