Let gets moisturize with Creme of Nature Argan Oil

creme of nature argan_eemsdiary

Wash-day is in full effect, because my scalp is in need for some TLC. I’m ready to wash my scalp and moisturize my hair with Creme of Nature Argan, but mainly my scalp. This week I didn’t apply on oil to my scalp every day. I wanted to give my scalp some rest and let my natural sebum do its work. Let’s start this wash routine by using Creme of Nature Argan Oil products.

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Healthy scalp care, the foundation of hair growth!


healthy scalp care_eemsdiaryHaving a healthy scalp is important if you want to have healthy hair. Your scalp is the foundation and that’s why it’s really important to understand your scalp. Over the years that I have been active in the relaxed hair community having a healthy scalp care is not really talked about. It is mostly all about how fast can I grow my hair rather than how can I get healthy hair growth.

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Monthly routine; time to detox my hair with clay!


detox my hair eemsdiary

My hair was screaming for a wash. I have been moisturizing my hair every night, so you can imagine all the build I have. Also it has been a while that I detox my hair. I was in a debate with myself what to use, a scalp scrub or clay mask. I choose to use a clay mask, because I’m able to detox and also clarify my hair with it.

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