Wash day routine

Wash day | February 14!

2015.02.14 wash day products

For the wash routine I decided to do a ‘hard’ protein treatment, because last week I texlaxed my hair. I can’t remember when I did a protein treatment – I really need to do better –

 Step 1

The routine started with washing my hair. As always I shampooed my hair in four sections using ApHogee Deep Moisture shampoo. The hair loss during the wash was minimal. After that I wrapped my hair with a towel and let it sit for 15 minutes, to soak all the water.

Step 2

2015.02.14 protein treatment ApHogeeAfter the wash it was time for the protein treatment. I used ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment. It was my first time using this product. I used a spray bottle to apply the liquid formula all over my hair. – It has a strong smell but I didn’t mind that -. Because it was the first using it, I didn’t know how much my hair needed. When I was done with the treatment, my hair was hard, but it wasn’t extremely hard. Next time I will use more liquid.

With warm water I rinsed out the product. To be sure I took my time with rising out the product.  Started with two sections and then went further. My hair felt good, it wasn’t hard at all, a bit dry. When I was rinsing out the product there was some hair loss – only 4/5 strands –.

Step 4

I wrapped my hair with a cotton t-shirt to soak all the water. It was time to use my baby Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner. I applied the conditioner all over my hair. What I like about this product you don’t need much, it brings my hair back to life while applying. For the condition part I used the Huetifull Hair Steamer – another tool that I love -. Normally I steam my hair 2 times, but I was running out of time, so 1 time it is.

2015.02.14 lenght after wash  2015.02.14 lengt flat iron  2015.02.15 length pony tail

Length after wash            x   flat iron                          x ponytail

Step 5

Later in the evening I had some plans to go out. To give my hair some moisture I used Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream and used John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum. I styled my hair in a low bun and let it air dry to the next morning.

2015.02.14 protective products

Sunday morning my hair wasn’t completely dry, but it was so smooth. With a blow dryer I finished the drying process – I didn’t apply any heat protector-.  For a length check I always use a flat iron to straighten my hair. To protect my hair I sprayed CHI 44 Iron Guard all over my hair, especially on my ends. The flatiron was set on 230 degrees. After the first round of flat iron my hair I applied Creme of Nature Argan Oil Treatment for some shine.

My left side is nice full and thick – happy me –, but the right side just looks so sad. The left and right side are definitely not even when it comes to length and thickness – another hair problem, ugh -. In the evening before moisturizing my hair I did a quick trim. I think I’m becoming scissor happy, because the results that I get after trimming makes me happy – my hair looks healthier –

Healthy even ends is the goal!!

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