Wash day routine

Wash Day | November 8!

2015.11.08 wash day

Lately my schedule for my wash routine has been messed up. I didn’t want to wash my hair, but I HAD to. My hair was screaming for a wash. I had a b-day dinner to attend to, so there wasn’t enough time for a “take it easy wash routine”. So I did a quick wash.


In four sections I shampooed my hair with Mizani Puriphying Shampoo. I can’t remember the last time I clarified my hair, but I needed to remove all the product from the last past weeks. I washed my hair twice and wrapped my hair with a cotton t-shirt. I’m still working on minimalizing the hair loss during my wash. I need to do a research how I can go about it.

Deep condition
Normally I will wrap my hair for 10 – 15 minutes, but because of time I went straight with applying the conditioner to my hair. I used Mizani Supreme Oil Conditioner and mixed it with some oils (Almond x Peppermint x Olive x Rosemary). When the product was applied, I sat under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes. This is my third time using the conditioner, but my first time mixing the product with oils. When applying the product to my hair, it felt a bit weird – I don’t know how to explain it -.

After rinsing my hair I towel blot my hair – with a cotton t-shirt – and start prepping my hair. I used Mizani D’tangle moisturizing milk on each sections – I think this leave-in is a keeper, review coming soon – and use a little bit of Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave in Cream, on my ends for some extra moisture. To complete the prep I sealed my hair with Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment.

In the winter time I don’t like to air dry my hair – unless I don’t have any plans to go outside-. So I had to sit under the hooded dryer. I’m not a big fan of the hooded dryer because it takes too long.

2015.11.08 high bun

For this wash routine I didn’t use any protein products, because after a clarifying I need all the moisture I can get to bring my hair back to life.

Moisture all the way

wash routine for relaxed hair

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