Wash day routine

Wash day | June 5!


2016.06.05 - wash routine for relaxed hair - products

Wash routine for relaxed hair

aka texlaxed hair

It is time for the monthly treatment … Protein time!!

Step 1
Normally the first step will be starting with a conditioner treatment, but this time around I wanted to wash my hair first and then apply a protein conditioner. For the wash I used ORS Olive Oil Hydration Shampoo – in its pure form –   In sections of four I washed my hair twice. I have been using this shampoo for over a month now – review coming soon –

2016.06.05 - wash routine for relaxed hair - after conditioning 

Step 2
After the wash I immediately used a t-shirt to dry my hair. After drying I applied the ORS Hair Mayonnaise to my hair, without any oils. I applied a generous amount on each sections, concentrating on the new growth and ends. The deep condition was about 45 minutes and I didn’t use my hooded dryer.

2016.06.05 - wash routine for relaxed hair - new growth

Step 3
I was going for a sleek look, but I didn’t want to apply direct heat to my hair – no flat iron -. To start off I used ORS Shealicious Moisture Mist Leave-In Conditioning Spray. I sprayed the product all over my hair and some extra on my new growth. For about 5 minutes I let the product sink into my hair.

Then it was time for the Ponytail Roller set Method. In sections of 4 I applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream, and then sealed with ThermaStrength Heat Protecting Serum Creme. Although I was using my hood dryer – indirect heat –, I still wanted to protect my hair from the heat.

2016.06.05 - wash routine for relaxed hair - pony tail roller set

2016.06.05 - wash routine for relaxed hair - end resuls


For after 46 minutes sitting under the dryer, I was tired. My left side was dry, but my right side wasn’t. I didn’t mind that the right side wasn’t completely dry, because I will braid my hair for my protective style – wearing a wig- .

I’m loving my new growth. My hair new growth is thick and soft – happy me –


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