Relaxed wash routine

Wash day | July 15!

Wash day _July 15!

11 weeks post relaxer

I don’t know why I always do this, but after a certain period of stretching my relaxer, I get ‘extreme’ lazy. It’s really bad! In the month June I was active with keeping my hair healthy with protective styles. But the last two weeks, it’s been really bad. I haven’t been moisturizing on a daily base or washing my hair weekly. So because of that I have been dealing with breakage like no other.

I got 8 weeks to go before I’m going to relax my hair. So I’m going to do a protective style challenge. For the coming 8 weeks I will be rocking my hair in cornrows or switch to my wigs.

To start off let’s begin with a pre-poo, to get my moisture on the right balance. I mixed Garnier Loving Blends Repairing conditioner with Coconut Oil. After that I applied Castor Oil on my scalp. Next time I will switch the process. I will first apply the oil to my scalp and then apply the pre-poo mixture to my hair. I noticed that when I was applying the oil after pre-pooing, massaging my scalp was a bit difficult. I pre-pooed for an hour, without heat.

Because of the lack with taking care of my hair, I needed a good boost. I decided to use ORS Monoi Oil Fortifying Shampoo. This shampoo is so good! It really gives the moisture that my hair needs.

To top it off I condition my hair with ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Fortifying Conditioner. Listen this Monoi Oil line is everything! I’m really liking this conditioner. In its true form I applied the conditioner to my hair. After applying I sealed my hair with my Castor oil mixture and sat under my Huetifull Hair Steamer.


When I passed a certain period with stretching my relaxer, I like to use a creamy product. In sections of four I applied Cantu Argan Oil Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream and sealed with ORS Monoi Oil Fusion.

 hair loss

My hair got the boost that I needed, but I really be more active with my regimen. I’m 11 weeks post relaxer and my new growth is nice and thick. It’s important to maintain my length, but that is not possible if I go on like this. I’m happy with the thickness of my hair, but disappointment that I’m not retaining my length.

The journey to thick and healthy hair continues!

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