My hair journey,  Protective hairstyle



“It’s time to give my hair some rest

and rock a protective styles”

With this stretch I am really focusing on retaining my length. My hair is growing the way I want, but holding on to my length has been difficult. I keep hanging on Arm Pit Length (APL), but now it’s time to move on to full Shoulder Length (SL).

For the coming four weeks I’m going to do a protective style. The protective style that I will go for will be braids, cornrow or wearing a wig. I do my hair own hair, because it easy for me. I don’t have the time to find somebody to do my hair every time.


I wanted to do some loose braids, but as usual I started late. It was 19:00PM so I switched over to a cornrow style. The bad side of this hairstyle is that I only can keep it for a week, but no worry, another hairstyle is on the way!

A question to you ladies? How do you take care of your hair, if you want to retain length? And which protective style do you like?

Join me on this protective styling journey and let’s work on retaining our length.


Let the thick & healthy journey continue!



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