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Hair talk | I messed up!


With this stretch I’m focused on retaining my length. In the month of March I was on my A game with protective styling my hair. I would braid my hair and kept them in for a week or two. This really helped me with keeping my hair moisturize and protected from the weather.

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I was proud of myself, but then it went left. Because of a wedding, I wasn’t able to braid my hair, but that is no excuse, right? Then why did I stopped with braiding my hair. Okey, skip that … Why ow why am I so disrespectful to my hair?

For the last past week I haven’t been moisturizing my hair like I need to. Now we are a May and I’m still f@#$%cking up. Sorry for my language, but I’m really mad at myself. My hair is breaking like really bad.

Let me show you!

Do you see the difference? This is to my own laziness. Me not taking care of my hair probably is holding me back to have full even thick length. Now I’m dealing with breakage. I need to start all over again.

So ladies please, keep yourself on track with moisturizing your hair. I know I talk about to always deep condition your hair, but moisturizing is just important.

Thinking of a plan to correct my hair, because this is not the business.

Let the thick & healthy journey continue!



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