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#1 Texlaxing after 20 weeks post

Time to relax!

Saturday 14 July

After stretching my relaxer for 20 weeks it’s time to telax my new growth.  This stretch has really been a crazy rid. As my hair is growing nice and thick my laziness has put me in a position that I wasn’t able to retain my length.

My hair was screaming ‘Girl it’s time to texlax’. Dealing with different textures (new growth, telexed & thin / broken ends) hasn’t been easy. That’s why I decided to start all over again. Start over … Eems what do you mean? All I can say ‘DiaryFam are you ready for this new journey?’.

To texlax my hair I use ORS No-Lye Normal Relaxer. Normally to get the mixture ready, I will add an oil, but this time around I will be using a light conditioner. The conditioner I prefer is Garnier Loving Blends Honey Gold.

Divided my hair in four sections and started at the back and work my way to the front. In ‘big sections I applied a decent amount of the mixture to my new growth. 

To be honest my step is really basic. Just apply the mixture and use my fingers to stretch out the new growth. I don’t use a comb. Remember we still want thickness!

While I was applying the mixture I kept notice how my hair reacted to the mixture, because I used a conditioner instead of an oil.

The whole process was less than 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes; applying and smoothing out my new growth. I was kind of surprized how my hair felt. At first glance my hair looked bone straight. My new growth was straight hunny!

After washing my hair my scalp felt good, but my hair was DDRRRYYY!. It was screaming for a deep condition treatment. To give my hair the TLC that it needed I picked Creme of Nature Moisture Extreme, Nourishing & Strengthening Conditioner. To give it a little boost, I added some oils (Castor oil x Garlic oil x Peppermint oil) to the conditioner.

Side note; for washing my hair I used ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo but also ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo.

Well I’m happy that I telexed my hair. Every time I tell myself that I need to stop with stretching for 20 weeks, but for some reason I’m still doing it. So I’m just going to accept that my stretch will be 20 weeks max! 

Let the stretching begin!

Last relaxer: 18th February 2018
Fresh relaxer: 14th July 2018
Next relaxer: 1st  December 2018

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