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Texlaxing #2 at 20 weeks post | HairJourneyDiary

texlaxing 20 weeks post

A proud moment! I hold on to stretching my hair for 20 weeks, but now is time to texlax my hair. My new growth is nice and thick. Although I was ready to texlax my hair, there was one problem. I washed my hair a few days ago, so when I decided to process my hair I still had clean scalp.

Let’s start with the process! I coated my hair with Garnier Loving Blends Honey on the part that already has been processed.  On my YouTube channel “EEMSDIARY” there is a video where I demonstrate how I prepare my relaxer.

See video > Texlax formula

I started in the back with applying the mixture and worked my way to the front. As I was applying the mixture in the first round, there was some tingling in the back. So I knew I had to move quick with applying the mixture.

texlaxing 20 weeks post

“Next time I will make sure not to relax my hair when it’s freshly washed”

The process didn’t take long. Within 15 minutes, I applied the mixture and smoothed out my new growth.

Because of my hair being semi freshly washed, my scalp was sensitive. That is why I added some Castor Oil, Peppermint oil and Rosemary oil in my conditioner.

“Peppermint oil is a life saver”

Overall I’m pleased with my hair growth and the texlaxing process. I will continue to focus on retaining my length and getting rid of the thin ends.

texlaxing 20 weeks post   texlaxing 20 weeks post

Let the stretching continue!


Last relaxer: 14th July 2018
Fresh relaxer: 1st  December 2018
Next relaxer: 20th April 2019

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