Balling on a budget to lower my expenses!


This year, one of my biggest focus is my MONEY. 2020 will be my fourth year, that I have my own place, but babe …. let me tell you “it hasn’t always been easy”. One thing that I really miss is saving my smoney.

“So for this year I’m moving different”

What does that mean? Well on my vision board I have a picture that stands for, 1 lowing my cost, and 2 save extra €2.500,-. For me to be able to achieve my finance goals, I need to know how well or bad did I spend my money last year.

I have a personal finance excel document where I write done my monthly expenses. Do you have a system where you keep your finance in check? For a better understanding or insight on your finances it’s important to check it on the regular. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t always been consistent with checking on my finances, but in 2020 that is going to change.


How do you start?

1.Check your expenses from the previous year. Find out what are your biggest expenses?

Man…. I have some expenses that I can cut on. Looking at seven specific expenses, that I can control, I spend over €20.875,91.

“This is a heavy number”

2. Decide on which expenses you want to lower the cost.

I picked three expenses that I know for sure, I can get that cost in check; personal care, going out to eat, credit card bill.

3. Come with a plan, so that you can get your expenses to where YOU want it to be.


For years my motto has been ‘balling on a budget’. My motto need some attention. I’m going back to my fabulous moto and ball on the budget that is in my range, so that I can save some extra money.  As I mentioned, I’m going to keep up with my monthly check ups.

“Balling on a budget”

This is my finance journey for 2020 and I’m taking you along with me. The reason I want to share this journey with you is because we don’t talk enough about finance.

So girl! Yes … you. What’s up with you finances? How does your expenses look like? Let’s do this together and get our smoney up!

“Go get a pen and paper and start writing down your finance goal(s)”

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