Wash day routine

Finding that moisture/protein balance with ORS

The month January is over and I’m thinking to myself ‘have I done all my hair treatments?’


With this wash routine I was really feeling for a hot oil treatment. During the week I have been trying to do my best with moisturizing my hair, but I haven’t always done the necessary steps. That is why I gave my hair a boost by co-washing my hair on the Wednesday.

My hair is asking for moisture

In sections of four I applied my own hair oil mix to my hair. Making sure that I really stimulate my scalp by massaging it. After applying the oil I sat under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes. To be honest, this time I didn’t care for shampooing my hair. Just because I already co-washed a few days ago. My hair was still clean. But hey, it’s part of the routine, so let’s shampoo my hair. In two section I shampooed my hair with ORS Olive Oil Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo.

This shampoo is bomb!

To condition my hair I went to an old favourite ‘ORS Monoi Fortifying Conditioner’. In four sections I applied the conditioner to my hair and concentrated on my ends. To give my hair a boost I sat under the Huetiful hair steamer. After the treatment my hair felt nice. It was moisturized and my hair had a nice ‘strong’ feel to it.

I love the slip on this conditioner

After wrapping my hair with a t-shirt for an hour, it was time to moisturize my hair. To start off I applied the Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream in sections. I noticed that my hair felt a little bit sticky, but I didn’t mind that.

After the leave-in I jump right into moisturizing my hair with African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Hair Moisturizer Butter Crème. To top it off, I sealed my hair with Avocado oil.

Overall this was good wash. I’m still dealing with breakage, but it has gotten a lot better comparing to a view weeks ago.

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