Hair relaxer

After 20 weeks of stretching it’s time to relax my hair

stretching at 20 weeks

Yeah boooy *flavorflavvoice! 20 weeks of stretching my relaxer is over and I can finally relax a.k.a. texlax my new growth.

I’m so ready

As usual I prepped my relaxer and my hair for the process. This time around I dedicated a little bit more time when I was prepping my hair.

stretching at 20 weeks

I coated my scalp with some Vaseline and applied it to rest of my hair that already has been processed. Just making sure that my hair is extra protected.

In section of four I applied the relaxer to my hair. Started from the back and work my way to the front. Even when I was applying the relaxer I did things a little different.

Normally I will go for two rounds to apply the relaxer to my new growth. But after the first round when I was done with smoothing out my new growth, I notice my new growth was smooth enough, so it wasn’t necessary to apply more relaxer.

Yaaas, my edges are smooth again

I did my whole process, applying & smoothing, within 20 minutes. After 20 minutes it was time to rinse this relaxer out.

Before shampooing I applied ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor.  I like doing this step so that my hair can get a little protein boost. I let the conditioner sit for 10 minutes and then I proceeded with shampooing.

Let get this hair relaxer free

For cleaning my hair and getting rid of the relaxer I used ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo. I used it twice and also let the shampoo sit on my hair for 10 minutes. Yes shampooing my hair is a long process, because I really want to make sure that there are no traces of relaxer in my hair.

To end the shampoo process, I finished with a deep moisturizing shampoo, because my hair felt dry. So I gave my hair some moisture by using ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo and let me tell you, my hair felt GOOD.

I could my hair transform from stiffness to smoothness

To continue with my routine I used ORS Replenishing conditioner mixed with some oils (Macadamia, Castor, Hazelnut, Jojoba, Peppermint, Rosemary & Tea Tree oil) to deep condition my hair. I sat under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes and let the conditioner sit for another 20 minutes or so.

When I was rising out the conditioner, my hair felt like butter. The ORS conditioner has amazing slip, but I think the oil mix that I used really contribute to the buttery feel.

In my next ‘HairJourneyDiary’ post I will explain how I prepped my hair and what I need next to get my hair in the right shape again.

When have you planned to relax you hair?

Last relaxer: 1st January 2020
Fresh relaxer: 23rd May 2020
Next relaxer: 10th October 2020

The thick & healthy journey continues, Eems!

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