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Prepping my hair for a relaxer with a protein treatment

protein treatment

I’m getting ready, because one more week and I can finally texlax my new growth. Prepping my hair for next week treatment. I planned to do a protein treatment to strengthen my hair and get my hair ready for relaxing.

protein treatment

Step 1 | PROTEIN
The protein conditioner that I choose was ORS Hair Mayonnaise. This is a great protein conditioner, but to be honest it also moisturize my hair. It’s been a while but I added some oils (Hazelnut x Rosemary oil) to the conditioner for some extra nourishment. In two sections I applied the conditioner my hair. While applying the conditioner I really took my time to apply the conditioner to my new growth. After applying I took my fake Denman brush and detangled my hair.

“While detangling my hair felt good”

Although this is protein conditioner, this conditioner has a nice slip to it. To give the conditioner a boost I sat under the hooded dryer for 20 minutes.

When I was rinsing out the conditioner my hair felt GOOOOOODD! I could easy ran my fingers to my hair.

Step 2 | SHAMPOO
I missed using the Creme of Nature Pure Honey line plus I also need some moisture, I shampooed my hair with Pure Honey. I didn’t wash my hair in sections, because I could easily get to my new growth. After shampooing I wrapped my hair with a cotton t-shirt for 10 minutes.

Continuing with the Creme of Nature Pure Honey line, I followed up with the conditioner. In small sections I applied the conditioner to my hair and new growth. After applying I detangled with my fake Denman brush. It’s been a while that I used a brush to detangle my hair, and to be honest I have missed this technique. I was a bit lazy and needed to do some things around the house, so instead of the steamer I sat under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes and another 30 minutes without heat.

‘My hair felt like butter”

protein treatment

Step 4 | Leave-in
We are continuing with the moisture / protein balance. To soften my new growth I sprayed Creme of Nature Pure Honey Knot Aware Leave-In Detangler (moisture) only on my new growth. And then I used Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream (protein) on the rest on my hair. For sealing my hair, I used two oils, Avocado & Hazelnut oil.

protein treatment

I’m at home, going nowhere. So I twisted my hair to air-dry. When my hair was 90% dry, I moisturized my hair with ORS Hair lotion.

Let the thick & healthy hair continue, Eems!

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