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Retouching my new growth after 20 weeks!

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20 weeks post has come by and it is time to retouching my new growth. I filmed my process, but I still need to edit the video. So I’m coming really quick to give you a update.

On Saturday October 3rd I texlax my hair at home. This is my second relaxer I have done this year. A few weeks ago I received the question on my IG “why do you stretch 20 weeks?”

When I started my hair journey I stretched for about 15 weeks, but how I got further in my journey I noticed that my hair texture changed. The texture of my new growth is soft, so that’s the reason I go for 20 weeks. Maybe in the future I will go back to 15/16 weeks, depending on how much new growth I have.

“A new routine”

The reason I filmed my relaxer routine, is because I added a extra step. I applied Dax on my scalp and on the length of my hair that already has been relaxed. Normally I will only coat the length of my hair, but I got some great tips and decided to try out greasing my scalp.

So my updated relaxer video is coming soon, but my previous video is still on point.

My next retouching new growth treatment is going to be over 20 weeks. During this stretch I’m going to take you along on my journey. From my monthly hair goals to the products I’m using.

But also I want you to join me with your own journey. Let’s do this healthy hair journey together.

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  • thehairyramie

    Basing the scalp is a sure way to prevent irritation from the relaxer and to slow down an otherwise faster processing of the roots due to our body heat. Great job Eems

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