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My updated relaxer routine at home!

updated relaxer routine

If you follow me on Instagram or read my post, then you already know that I updated my relaxer routine. I relax my hair at home after 20 weeks of stretching.

“Protect your scalp”

Before applying the relaxer to my new growth I just focused on the the length of my hair. I protect the already processed length with an conditioner or Vaseline. Well this time around I took it up a notch and also greased my scalp before relaxing.

I don’t get scalp burns, so why am I doing this? If there is a better way to protect my scalp during relaxing, then guess what, I will apply that method. Because the health of my scalp is very important.

Adding grease to your scalp and hair will serve as a protecting barrier when the relaxer does come in contact with your scalp and processed hair.

In my updated relaxer routine video I show you the steps on how I touch up new growth at home.

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