Scalp care

Healthy scalp care, the foundation of hair growth!


healthy scalp care_eemsdiaryHaving a healthy scalp is important if you want to have healthy hair. Your scalp is the foundation and that’s why it’s really important to understand your scalp. Over the years that I have been active in the relaxed hair community having a healthy scalp care is not really talked about. It is mostly all about how fast can I grow my hair rather than how can I get healthy hair growth.

Don’t get me wrong. I started my relaxed hair journey focused on healthy long hair, but over the years I noticed that taking proper care of your scalp is also important.

“The importance of a healthy scalp”

Like I mentioned before, your scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. You are making sure that your hair follicle can produce healthy new growth. To achieve a healthy scalp you need toΒ keep it clean, flexible, toned and stimulated.

It maybe sounds a lot, but it’s not. Most of us already wash our hair once or twice a week and stimulated by doing oil scalp massage. So we are heading into the right direction, but we are not there yet.

“Your scalp is like your face”

We cleanse, tone, scrub, mask and moisturize our face to keep it healthy and fresh looking. So why not treat our scalp the same way? I mean we do everything for our face, so that we don’t have clogged pores. Well guess what, your scalp is an extension of your face. The way pores on our faces can get clogged, that’s the same with your scalp.

You want to make sure that your scalp can breathe, because if you hair follicle is clogged from products and oils how do you suppose to create an healthy environment for your hair to grow?


“A healthy scalp is a result for healthy hair growth!”

There are different ways to take care of your scalp and we will get in to that in another post. I will share my ways and products that I use to keep my scalp happy.

If you already on it with your scalp, share in the comments who do you take care your scalp. If this scalp care talk is new for you, no need to worry, I got you.

From now our new hair proverb is β€œmake sure that your scalp is breathing”

Thick & healthy journey continues!

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