Hair care routine,  Wash day routine

Shampoo and conditioner, create your basic wash routine

It’s best to have a routine that caters to your hair when you are taking care of your relaxed hair at home. Finding a routine aka regimen for my hair hasn’t been an easy road, but the outcome to sticking to a routine did wonders. I mean, before my hair journey my new growth was soft & stiff and know I’m able to stretch my hair for 20+ weeks.

I never thought stretching for so long was possible, but this is post not about stretching, so let’s stay on topic.

Basic hair care routine

How did my hair care routine come about? Thank God for other relaxed ladies online that shared their routine, but also doing my homework and creating my own routine was key to getting my hair on the right track.

In the post “regimen for relaxed hair” I shared three basic tips on how to build your regimen. My first tip to a basic regimen was about shampoo & condition.

This step is really my saviour when it comes to getting my hair healthy. When I started my hair journey, the #1 focus was on getting my hair softer/smoother. My hair was really dry & stiff. Even when I would moisturized my hair, there was no shine to it at all. So first thing was to be consistent with shampooing and especially doing deep condition treatments.

There are different types of shampoos & conditioners. In my routine I make sure to use moisture based products that will contribute to making my hair softer. Yes moisture is really important, but please don’t skip on protein.

When I got into hair care I found out that protein is needed to strengthen your hair. Also using a protein based product is a great way to bring your hair texture back to life.

Because of the different types of shampoos and conditioners I created a routine when I would use a specific product

My shampoo & conditioner routine

Week 1
Clarify shampoo paired with a moisturizing deep conditioner

Week 2
Moisturizing shampoo paired with a moisturizing deep conditioner

Week 3
Moisturizing shampoo paired with a protein based conditioner followed up with moisturizing conditioner

Week 4
Moisturized shampoo paired with a moisturizing deep conditioner

This is a basic routine, my foundation. Having a steady routine makes it really easy for picking out which product to use. It’s possible to switch things up. For example if you feel that in week 2 your hair is really weak, don’t wait for week 3 to do a protein treatment. My hair rule is always to listen to your hair and give your hair what it needs at that moment.

Do you have a routine based on the different types of shampoos and conditioners? Or do you just go in and wash your hair? Comment down below and let’s talk.

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