She ain’t got no money in the bank!

There I was all happy about my new chapter. Getting my own place back in 2016 was one of the things that was on my prayer list. Finally my own place, just for me. I was ready for that chapter to happen. Learning how to be more responsible and be fully responsible for taking care of my finances. Well let me tell you, the finance part really slapped me in the face.

“From good to bad”

Having my own place was really a blessing and now living on my own for 5 years, I can really say it was necessary for my personal growth, but I also had my struggles especially when it came to my finances. Although I had saved some money, I didn’t had enough to do what I wanted to do and that’s how my money problems started.

Looking back I really gave myself the pressure to decorate everything at once and also having the fear that I wouldn’t make it on my own, didn’t make things easier. I didn’t wanted to be that girl that after a period of time I needed to return back to my parents place, because I couldn’t do it on my own. The shame in my head if that would have happend.

“Finance problems”

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have a finance problems. Me, Eems, the girl that is so responsible. The girl that always paid here bills on time and sometimes even one month ahead. Well, now I was the girl that was strategic planning which bill to pay first. It was so bad, that before I knew I was in debt. Yes, debt! Maxed out my credit card, my bank account in red and even loaned money, just to make ends meet.

I hear some of you asking “what caused for you to really have money problems like that?”

  1. Not taking my time with decorating. It’s not necessary to do everything at once. I was racing with myself, because I wanted everything to be perfect.
  2. A big amount of money savings was in someone else possession. I was calculating that amount in my spending, but at the end of the day never received my money. Now I had to cover my over spending with money I didn’t have.
  3. My salary needed an upgrade. It was manageable to pay the bills and do errands, but because of my debt there was no room for other stuff.

Everything was getting too much and it affected me in different ways. I was emotional going through it and lost a lot of weight.

My blessing turned in a nightmare and I could only blame myself for it. It was time to put by big girl panties on and fix this money situation. That’s how my finance journey started and I’m going to share more about the journey with you.

My Life Journey Diary, Eems


art by @4everestherr “Estherr La Main D’or”

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  • Ruth

    This is so raw and needed! Finances are important and we need to learn more about how to handle them. Excited to read more about your journey!🤗

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