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How to do an oil pre-poo treatment on relaxed hair?

pre-poo treatment
For this week wash I decided to start my routine with an oil pre-poo treatment. It’s been a while that I have done this treatment, and to be honest my hair needs it.

What is a pre-poo treatment?

An oil pre-poo trdeatment is a great way to protect your scalp and hair from the shampoo that your are about to use. What do I mean? A shampoo is great to get your scalp and hair clean, but sometimes can be a bit harsh. So the treatment can be used to hold on the moisture on your scalp & hair.

Another reason why I like an oil pre-poo treatment is the way how it softens and add shine to my hair.

How to do the pre-poo treatment?

I start of with applying an oil mixture to my scalp. This is a mixture of carrier and essential oils. Great way to stimulate blood flow on your scalp. On the length of my hair I use a mixture of carrier oils.

In small sections I coat my hair with the oil. Make sure that your hair is not dripping in oil.

After applying the oils, I take the time to massage my scalp and give my ends some extra love. When I’m done, I cover my hair with a plastic cab and let the oil sit for 30 minutes to a hour.

“Shine bright like a diamond”

When I’m done with the treatment, my hair is soft and shiny. I proceed with washing and deep conditioning my hair.

What I also have noticed is that I have less breakage while shampooing my hair.

The oil pre-poo treatment is an extra step, but a step I don’t mind, because of the benefits that comes with it.

Are you familiar with this process and if so, how do you incorporate it in your regimen?

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