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My top 5 self-care routines!


Today is Sunday 8th! That means we survived the first week of 2023. I know we are 8 days in, but I still want to say,

happy blessed new year to you!

The year 2022 went by quick, but that is something I have been saying the past year. Blink a few times and before you know it, we are screaming happy new year.

We have entered a new year, and thinking back on it, I really wanted to share my lessons from 2022. As I was thinking, it was hard for me to write some points.

To be honest, the year 2022 wasn’t an easy one for me. Dealing with family stuff got me disorientated. Because of that, 2022 was the year I struggled to keep up with my self-care, but I had some key routines that kept me good and in peace.

Instead of sharing my lessons, I’m sharing my top 5 self-care routines that got me through the year.

Top 5 self-care routines

+ have some quiet moments
Sitting in my living room in silence brings calmness to my mind. I put on some candles, get comfortable on the couch and just be in the moment. It’s a simple way to let the thoughts in your mind flow and embrace the stillness.

+ open talks with God
When I say open talk, I’m not talking about praying. Don’t get me wrong, praying is a form of talking to God. But with this talk I’m having a friend like talk. You know how you be talking to a girlfriend, yes that type of talk.

In the moment I’m talking about my emotions or situations that have taken place.

+ write in my journal
My journal is my bestie! The one place I can be 100% honest and transparent with myself. Although I haven’t always been active when it comes to writing in my journal, the moments that I did was a relieve for me.

+ go on solo dates
Taking myself on dates is a way for me to treat myself and also a great way to be out the house.

+ relaxing Friday nights
I have been intentional with my Friday nights. This is the day I enjoy my evening and just relax, without feeling guilty. Order some food or make a delicious meal and just enjoy the night watching a movie or binge on a Netflix serie.

This are some of my self-care routine activities. Last year has thought me that it’s necessary to feed myself with things that will bring me happiness, but more important, gives me the space to unwind.

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