Hair care 101,  Scalp care

Do this is if you want to achieve healthy hair growth

Everybody experiences hair growth in a different way. For some they don’t have any problems to grow out their hair. But their others that can have some difficulties in achieving healthy hair growth.

Growing healthy hair can be hinder caused by different factors. I purposely add the word healthy in growing hair, because the health of your scalp plays an important part in having healthy hair growth.

Your scalp is the foundation to having healthy hair. That is why tips that I’m sharing are important to incorporate in your hair care routine.

Eating a well-balanced diet

Hair products can help a lot with achieving healthy hair, but what we put in our body’s is extremely important as well.

What you eat will have a positive or negative reaction on your skin and scalp. Food that has the right nutrients, like iron, will help with your hair growth. And unfortunately, the wrong (unhealthy) food can have a negative affect on your hair growth.

Wash your scalp at least once a week

Your scalp needs to breath! The scalp can’t function properly when it’s dirty from build-up and dead hair follicles. Compare your scalp with you face. You wash your face every day, so that I can be clean and clear from all the dirt. That’s the same way with your scalp.

Washing your scalp is needed to remove all the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.

Use a scalp oil or serum

With an oil use can you give your scalp the nutrients that it needs. For example, when you are using Jojoba oil to nourish your scalp. You are basically applying nutrients like vitamin A and B, antioxidant and minerals to your scalp. This all are nutrients that your scalp needs.

Also, an oil of serum is a great way to heal and protect your scalp.

Massage you scalp at least 5 minutes

Sometimes your scalp needs a boost. Massaging  your scalp is not only relaxing, but it helps with stimulating blood circulation. By massaging your scalp, you are stimulating the hair follicles.

Exfoliate your scalp once a month

Yes, your scalp also has dead skin cells. Using a treatment (physical or a product) to exfoliate will help with removing excess skin cells, oil and dandruff.

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