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How to retouch your new growth at home

Retouching your new growth at home needs to be done with care, proper care! Let me start of saying; if you don’t feel comfortable with relaxing your hair yourself, please go seek a professional.

I prefer to retouch my new growth every 15 – 20 weeks. The stretching period is based on how I feel and how I can manage my new growth.

This is how the process looks like when you are relaxing your hair by yourself.

Have enough new growth to retouch

It is advised to retouch your hair between 8 to 12 weeks. Personally I would advise to stretch your hair 12 – 15 weeks. The reason is just to make sure you have length to retouch.

If you are someone that have massive new growth within 8 – 12 weeks, than you will be all fine. But if your new growth is short, I will advise to stretch a little bit longer.

Grease your scalp and previous relaxed hair

Using grease is meant to be a protective layer, especially when retouching your hair by yourself. The relaxer is meant for your new growth and not for your scalp. Even the part of your hair that is already relaxed, it doesn’t need to be relaxed again.

Apply the relaxer in sections

Working in sections will helps with applying the relaxer to your new growth. I work in four sections and with each section I apply the relaxer in small bits.

Smooth out your new growth

We all love a smooth sleek look, but we also want healthy hair. The moment I switch from using a comb to using my fingers, my hair was thanking me.

Using your fingers is way more gentle to smooth out your new growth.

Retouching new growth at home

Keep track of time

I know retouching your new growth can be a task on its own, but don’t forget about the time. No. rule that you shouldn’t let go off is; don’t wait for your scalp to burn.

If you need to use a timer, than use you a timer. Make sure that the whole retouching process is done within 30 minutes.

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