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Get to know me

get to know me
1 my name is Emelia, but my nickname is Eems
2 Most people don’t know this but my nickname in high school was Amy
3 I was born and still live in the Netherlands, South Holland
4 I am a 80’s baby, born in September 1987
5 My love for hair goes deep. I can talk about hair all day. Giving tips and helping others give me pure joy

6 I started my own hair journey in 2011 after I destroyed my hair. Relaxing & using bleach on my hair was not a great combination
7 I have been relaxing my hair since elementary school. I don’t know how my natural hair looks like
8 Taking care of my hair is a way of self-care for me. When my hair looks good, I feel good.
9 During my hair journey I have had some up & downs, but it never discourage me to take care of my hair
10 Beside my IG page I have a blog where I share my hair care journey, self-development and mindful lifestyle with God in the center of my life

11 How can I forget to mention this, I’m Ghanaian and the oldest of three siblings
12 Because I am the oldest I had to figure everything out on my own.
13 My favourite hair care routine is deep conditioning.
14 I’m a product junkie. I like to try out new hair and skin care products
15 but one product that for ever will be in my routine is ORS Replenishing Conditioner


16 I am a ambivert, but I cling more to the introvert side. Love to socialize, but I enjoy my alone time way more
17 I work fulltime as a recruiter, but also braid hair on the side
18 my positive trait is that I am a natural cheerleader. I love to see others wins
19 my toxtic trait is that I don’t always speak up when I really need to
20 I have a personal page IG @eemsdiary where I share more of myself









21 Sometimes I think about going natural so that I can colour my hair red again. I miss my red hair
22 This year I want to do more different type of hairstyles, like roller set/blowout and maybe even weaves
23 my hair goal for this year is to have even full armpit length. At the moment my nape area need some extra TLC
24 Overall hair goal is to have healthy fabulous hair.

Thank you for following my blog. I appreciate it very much.

Share in the comments what type of content you want to see more this year.

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