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    HairJourneyDiary Planner 2019

    Beginning of the year 2019 I created my own hair planner. And of course with love I’m sharing my planner with you. I love me a good planner / journal so this is definitely a venture you will see more often.  HairJourneyDiary planners is here to stay guys.

    This planner is available for everyone that really wants keep track of their hair regimen / journey. Healthy hair is the key and I believe this planner will help you.

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    Diary Talk |Hair Goals 2017

    hair goal '17

    My ow my .. how time flies by. The year 2016 past by QUICK!! As I’m getting ready to write down my hair goals, we already are in the 4th week of January.

    When I look back at my hair journey in the year 2016, I can definitely say ‘it’s been a journey’. I had some setbacks that caused me to cut my hair several times. My biggest problem is still having to deal with ‘heavy’ breakage. As results it wasn’t possible for me to retain my length.

    For this year I’m going to make a couple chances to my regimen. First important thing, I need to stop being lazy and stay consistent. When I first started my hair journey, I was consistent with my weekly and monthly routine. Now I’m just slacking. Secondly, I always wrote down my hair problems & hair goals. This year I’m going to continue with writing stuff down, so that I will keep me on track with my hair growth.

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    Cut cut cut 16 February ’14!!

     The last time I trimmed my hair was in March’ 13. I was in shock when I looked up the date. This year I need to do better. I’m slacking with my regimen and it’s really showing. My problems are that I have uneven and thin ends.  The only way for me to correct it, is to cut my hair.

    blog 2014.02.19 productsSaturday night before I went to bed. I prepped my hair. – Off course I washed my hair in the afternoon. See my recent post ‘wash day 15 February ’14’.-  I already applied Granier Fructis Nutri 3 leave –in when I was done washing my hair. I will say that my hair was about 50% dry in the evening. I sprayed Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-in Conditioner all over my hair. I use this leave to give my hair some strength because I planned to flat iron my hair. I then used ORS Wrap/Set Mousse. To protect my hair I used John Frieda Frizz Ease serum. Two pumps of this product is just enough. I styled my hair in a low bun, put a scarf on and I was ready for bed. I didn’t apply any heat on my hair.

    blog 2014.02.19 result after blow drying rightblog 2014.02.19 result after blow drying

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    March goals

    So justgrowalready posted about her goals for the month February and March .. This is perfect .. I’m gonna co-sign .. Lets do this ..


    1.       Weekly hot oil treatment

    2.       Deep condition with heat (hooded dryer)

    3.       Use at least 1 product

    4.       Seal with grapseed oil

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