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    #1 Texlaxing after 20 weeks post

    Relaxer after 20 weeks!

    Saturday 14 July

    After stretching my relaxer for 20 weeks it’s time to telax my new growth.  This stretch has really been a crazy rid. As my hair is growing nice and thick my laziness has put me in a position that I wasn’t able to retain my length. My hair was screaming

    ‘Girl it’s time to telax’. 


  • Hair Relaxer


    Finally after stretching my hair for 22 weeks (5 months) I texlaxed my hair. I really don’t know why, but I was really lazy this time to texlax my hair. For the new diary readers, I texlax my hair at home. Normally I stretch my hair between 16 – 20 weeks, but yeah here I am at 22 weeks post.


  • Hair Relaxer

    Relaxer | September 16!

    New texlax hair

    Finally after being 20 weeks post relaxer, I got the chance to texlax my hair. I couldn’t handle my new growth anymore, in the sense that I became lazier to style my hair.

  • Hair Relaxer

    Relaxer | April 29!

    producsDoing a happy dance! I finally was able to relax my hair under 19 weeks. There was a moment I was really getting tired of my new growth, because of the thickness. I was dealing with different textures and when I was styling my hair, I really wasn’t feeling my looks. It was time for the creamy crack!

  • Hair Relaxer

    Relaxer | December 12!


    After 23 week being post relaxer, it’s was time to texlax my hair. Every time I tell myself that I’m not going to stretch my hair for more than 16 weeks, but hey here I am. This time around I my normal relax routine had a twist.

  • Hair Relaxer

    Relaxer | July 3

    Relaxer July 10 copy
    After 25 weeks, I decided to relax my hair. Every time I say I’m not going to stretch my hair for so long, but yeah I’m used to it know.

    This stretch was really getting to know my hair all over again. My downfall in the beginning of my stretch was dealing with a lot of split ends. I have changed my regimen a bit and been using different products. Mizani has been my saviour with this stretch.

    Although I still have some bone straight hair, but my texlaxed hair is nicely growing.

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