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    How to use the HairJourneyDiary planner!

    There is no need to forget what you did on wash day did last week. Have your planner and start making notes! From deciding which products you are going to use to what your hair focus is going to be. Are you over breakage, hair loss or dry hair? No worries, the HairJourneyDiary planner will personally keep your healthy hair journey in track       The HairJourneyDiary planner available on Planner available on: www.etsy.com/nl/shop/TheStarrBrand TheStarrBrand Webshop HairJourneyDiary Planner 2020…

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    HairJourneyDiary Planner 2019

    Beginning of the year 2019 I created my own hair planner. And of course with love I’m sharing my planner with you. I love me a good planner / journal so this is definitely a venture you will see more often.  HairJourneyDiary planners is here to stay guys. This planner is available for everyone that really wants keep track of their hair regimen / journey. Healthy hair is the key and I believe this planner will help you.

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    Creme of Nature Pure Honey | product series

    Creme of Nature Pure Honey In December I decided to use one specific brand for my hair journey. My timeline went crazy when Creme of Nature came out with their new brand line “Pure Honey“. I’m a product junkie so I had to try this product out. Every week I will post a video about my first impression. So don’t be a stranger click on the play button, but also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel “EEMSDIARY“.

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    Moisturize routine with African Pride

    moisturize routine with African Pride Normally after washing my hair I moisturize my hair with a leave-in, but sometimes I do have my lazy moments. That’s what happened in the video below. After washing I didn’t do anything with my hair as a result that my hair was screaming for some moisture. Moisturizing my hair is really basic. It doesn’t matter which product I use my method will always be the same. My basic steps! Detangle my hair Divide my…

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