• My hair journey,  Protective hairstyle



    “It’s time to give my hair some rest

    and rock a protective styles”

    With this stretch I am really focusing on retaining my length. My hair is growing the way I want, but holding on to my length has been difficult. I keep hanging on Arm Pit Length (APL), but now it’s time to move on to full Shoulder Length (SL).

  • Protective hairstyle

    How do you do it? – maintaining your braids –

    braids hairstyleOn my trip to Madrid I braided my hair. I like to braid or weave my hair when I’m away from  home. It was a trip for 9 days.  The reason I do this type of styles is because I don’t want to bring a lot of hair products on the trip.

    During my trip I realised that I  had nothing to keep my hair moisturize. A wrong move for not brining any hair products. – it is important to keep your hair moisturize even when you have braids –  For the trip I made a spritz for my face – a mixture of rosewater with a little bit of water -. Instead of using the spritz  for my face I decided to use it on my hair.

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