Yes, friendships are seasonal! Some last forever and some will come to a end! This morning I want to say thank you to those that are not around anymore. Thank you for the laughs and thank you for the lessons . Thank you for at one point having me as a friend and spending time with me! When a friendship ends it is easy to think of what went wrong, but I dwell on the positive. So that’s why this morning I’m saying thank you ?.

-The Mindful Diary

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Unapologetic!! 2017 was a year of re-building!! When life slaps you in the face and gives you that reality check . Focusing on my spiritual relationship with God and getting my mental state in check! I’m blessed to walk into new chapters and definitely closing some old chapters that needed to be closed like years ago!

2017 taught me that my peace & happiness is the most important thing in my life!! To be in control of your emotions & happiness. Letting go of friendships that have come to end and stop letting fear getting the best of you.

Unapologetic! 2018 ? I will continue
my journey with my head held high! With God on side and with boldness I’m saying 2018 are you ready?! Because I’m!! Ready for new ventures to come my way .. new found happiness & love and slaying on my goals ?? #CelebrateLife #LetsMingle #EEMSDIARY

A blessed 2018 to you all!! May this year be your glow up

with love,


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