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    How does your night time relaxed hair care routine look like?

    As I shared before in my previous post “How to take care of your new growth & get rid of dry hair!” one of the tips that I gave is moisturizing your hair with a lotion. Before going to bed I have a nighttime relaxed hair care routine where I moisturize & seal my hair, so that the product can sink into my hair and my hair is nicely moisturized. Also being 17 weeks post relaxer I need to give…

  • Hair Methods,  Wash day routine

    Saturday haircare with ORS Replenishing conditioner

    In this video I’m sharing my deep condition routine with ORS Olive Oil Replenishing conditioner. After washing my hair I decided to film my deep condition process to give you some insight Stretching: 4 weeks post relaxer Product: ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner Oil: My oil mix (Almond, Avocado & Peppermint Oil)   Follow me on Instagram www.instagram.com/eemsdiary & subscribe to my YouTube Channel  www.youtube.com/EEMSDIARY for more hair relaxted videos     

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    Moisturize routine with African Pride

    moisturize routine with African Pride Normally after washing my hair I moisturize my hair with a leave-in, but sometimes I do have my lazy moments. That’s what happened in the video below. After washing I didn’t do anything with my hair as a result that my hair was screaming for some moisture. Moisturizing my hair is really basic. It doesn’t matter which product I use my method will always be the same. My basic steps! Detangle my hair Divide my…

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