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    My February beauty product haul

    The girl loves an “balling on a budget” online shopping spree. A few weeks ago I bought some goodies for the face and body. Although I’m a product junkie I still like to shop on a budget. In this post I’m sharing my latest beauty product haul.

  • Hair care 101,  Hair care routine

    How to do an oil pre-poo treatment on relaxed hair?

    For this week wash I decided to start my routine with an oil pre-poo treatment. It’s been a while that I have done this treatment, and to be honest my hair needs it. What is a pre-poo treatment? An oil pre-poo trdeatment is a great way to protect your scalp and hair from the shampoo that your are about to use. What do I mean? A shampoo is great to get your scalp and hair clean, but sometimes can be a bit harsh. So the treatment can be used to hold on the moisture on your scalp & hair. Another reason why I like an oil pre-poo treatment is the…

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    My top 5 self-care routines!

    Today is Sunday 8th! That means we survived the first week of 2023. I know we are 8 days in, but I still want to say, happy blessed new year to you! The year 2022 went by quick, but that is something I have been saying the past year. Blink a few times and before you know it, we are screaming happy new year. We have entered a new year, and thinking back on it, I really wanted to share my lessons from 2022. As I was thinking, it was hard for me to write some points. To be honest, the year 2022 wasn’t an easy one for me. Dealing…

  • Hair care 101,  Scalp care

    #3 main reasons why your need to wash your scalp!

    One of the ways to have fabulous hair is to wash your scalp. Your scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. In this post I will be sharing #3 main reasons why washing your scalp is beneficial to your hair growth. Think about it. When your scalp is dirty from of all the products you have applied during the week, how can you expect to grow healthy hair? #3 main reasons why you need to wash your scalp + Removes dirt & build up + It promotes healthy hair growth + It refreshes your scalp & hair I know there is a myth, and I can’t believe that some still…

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