• Hair relaxer

    Retouching your new growth at 20 weeks post relaxer

    I have been waiting for this day. My new growth was ready for a touch up. Stretching for 20 weeks was enough, because my new growth needed to be laid.   Step 1 | protect the scalp When I was done with detangling my hair and sectioned it in four parts, I based my scalp with DAX Vegetable Oils Pomade for a protecting layer. When I was done with my scalp I applied Dax to the length of my hair.…

  • Wash day routine

    Clarifying wash treatment for relaxed hair!

    clarifying wash treatment We have entered a new month, so it’s time for a clarifying wash treatment. I like to use an clarifying shampoo once a month to get rid of all the build-up and dirt from the environment. This time I skipped using a scrub to detox my scalp, because I didn’t had much time. Step 1 | Shampoo With my clarifying wash routines I always use two different types of shampoos. A clarifying & moisture based shampoo, because…

  • Lifestyle

    Let’s enjoy the weekend!

      Okay I’m done with work. It’s Friday so I can chill and enjoy the weekend, but as I’m writing this I’m not in a happy mood. I’m asking myself over and over again, “are you still happy with your job?” I know exactly why I’m asking myself this question. Today was not a successful day in my eyes. I didn’t finish my “Yes (to-do) list” and some offers got declined. Now it’s really easy when things aren’t going your…

  • Lifestyle

    Looking back on the year 2020!

    What a  year was 2020 was A lot of emotions has taken place, but my storm started in December 2019. Crying in my car like a baby, because of a situation I didn’t see coming. Yes, my 2020 was definitely a storm, but not because of COVID-19. It was more due to personal situations I had to manage. Dealing with COVID-19 was less of my worries. Don’t get me wrong this pandemic was challenging, but I already had my own…

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