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    My wishlist for 2013

    This year I wanna try out some new products. I’m really happy with the products that I’m using .. but I wanna see what is out there 🙂 .. you will never know what you will find. So I looked around for products that I wanna try out.


    • L’Oreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Shampoo (protein)
    • Curls Unleashed Lavish in Lather Sulfate Free Shampoo (moisture)
    • Salerm Protein Shampoo
    • Mane n Tail Gentle Clarifying Shampoo
  • Relaxed wash routine


    So last Sunday I decided to take off my u-part wig. I have been rocking my u-part wig as a protective style for some weeks now … 5 weeks :). Normal after 2 weeks I’m done with these protective style … but man because of the frickin’ cold weather I needed to protect my hair.

    So I took off my u-part wig .. Ooee I was so happy to see my hair loool .. I missed it. Anyway it was late and I was watching a Nijah movie .. so I was lazy to comb my hair. Monday it was time to wash my hair. Because I haven’t wash my hair properly for 5 weeks .. I decided to clarify my hair. I used ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo.

  • Hair Information

    Dust & Trim your hair

    So i’m watching a video on YouTube from MissLBailey (lovely lady). She is showing the viewers how she dust/trim her hair. While explaining this she tell us about how she uses a schedule. The schedule dates when it’s time to cut your hair. I have never heard about this, but she was really pleased about it. So I thought let me check this site out :-).

    The Hair chart is from Morrocco method. They sell hair products and other stuff, but I’m not interested in that .. I wanna know more about the charts. So here it goes

  • Hair problems,  Relaxed wash routine


    Ow woow what a week .. my hair has been shedding like crazy .. I think it’s because of the weather and also too much direct heat. I live in the Netherlands so  its autumn season #smh. Normally my wash day is on Saturday .. but I had some plans yesterday. I went to a M.A.C. workshop .. I had a good time.

    So I’m washing my hair today. Because of the shedding I’m going to steam my hair with a towel .. yes a towel and a hair dryer. I learned this technique from http://kara-zeytin.blogspot.nl/. Below you will find here YouTube video.


    I DC with ORS replenishing conditioner and mixed it with different oils (Olive/Castor/Peppermint/Rosemary/Almond oil). I sat under the dryer for 30 minutes and then co-washed my hair with TRESemme.

    I really need to concentrate on my hair more. Lately I’ve been slacking.

  • Product Junkie

    My wish list!!

    For some time I have been wanting to buy a hair steamer. On YouTube I have seen some ladies using it and hear only positive story’s about it.

    The hair steamer is the new movement, it’s like everyone is using. It doesn’t matter if you are natural or relaxed.

    I have set my eyes on the Huetiful Hair Steamer.Hair steamer

    Huetiful Brand Steamers have multiple benefits:

    • Restores moisture to your dry hair up to 5x better than the leading deep conditioner.
    • Strengthens hair by replenishing moisture lost to keratin treatments, relaxers or heat straightening
    • Significantly reduces breakage and split ends caused by dry hair while improving manageability
    • One year, “no questions asked” replacement warranty
    • Easily converts into a Spa Facial Steamer in just two minutes.

    I cant wait for my own hair steamer. Right now the Huetiful hair steamer is out of stock.

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