• Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day | November 14!

    2915.11.14 wash routine

    The cold weather is messing up my hair, like really. I told myself to do more protective styles, but I’m lacking.

    My hair felt really rough so I needed a good moisture treatment

    Step 1 | Pre Poo treatment
    It’s been a while that I did a pre poo treatment. A pre poo treatment always helps me to get back shine. I applied my Pre Poo oil mix (Jamaican Black Castor oil x Olive oil x 5 drops of Rosemary oil) to each section. I really concentrated on my ends, because it really needed the extra love. I let the oil sit for an hour without heat.

  • Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day | September 28!

    wash routine for relaxed hair - Sep 28

    M  O  N  T  H  L  Y   |   R  E  G  I  M  E  N

    Clarifying – protein treatment

    I’m still protective styling with a wig. During the week I made sure that I applied an oil Almond Oil to my edges and nape. Because of my birthday my sister took me on a spa date. I planned not to get my hair wet, but who was I kidding. My wig got wet and because of the weight, it pulled down my wig. Because of the pulling my edges was extra sensitive – ugh -.

    Sunday afternoon I took off my wig and braids. I let my scalp breath for the whole day. Monday was washday – sometimes you got to switch it up –

    Step 1
    The last time I clarified my hair was a month and view weeks ago. That is not keeping up with my monthly regimen – the plan is every 4 weeks -. In small sections I shampooed my hair with Mizani Puriphying Shampoo. After the second was I wrapped my hair with a cotton t-shirt.

  • Hair problems

    DiaryManual | Saving my strands

    Problem areas

    During my hair journey there have been some parts that have been my problem areas. I decided to do a little project and concentrate on the parts that need some extra TLC.

    The problem areas are my edges, nape and crown area. For now I’m mostly focusing on the nape and edges. My problem is growing out both areas. The growth rate is a bit slower than the rest of my hair and the sensitive part.

    Routine schedule

    I planned to do more protective styles. During my hair journey I noticed that bunning my hair 95% wasn’t the best style to do. Because of the pulling and styling in a tight pony tail.

    My protective styling consist of:

    • Cornrow braid or twist
    • Self made wig
    • Braids or twist

    By applying one of the styles, it gives me a chance to leave my hair alone for a period of time and also helps to grow out my hair. I also need to work on applying an oil to my scalp on a weekly basis. The oil that I prefer for my scalp is Jamaican Black Castor oil. Using this oil will make my new growth thicker.
    Here are some pictures that I took when my hair was freshly texlaxed – August 16 -.

    2015.08.16 nape   20015.08.16 side nape & edges

    2015.08.16 right side   2015.08.16 left side

    Since September 19 have been protective styling with a wig. I plan to keep on protective style my hair in the month October and hopefully also in November.

    Protective styling to the rescue!


     Texlaxed hair | how to deal with your edges and nape

  • Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day | August 29!


    During the week my schedule was a bit off. For example, moisturizing my hair in the morning and not at night. Then there was some days I didn’t use a scarf at night. On the positive side I did more protective styles, like cornrow braid or cornrow twist my hair.

    Pre poo treatment
    It’s been a while, but it was definitely time for a pre-poo. I used Extra Virgin Coconut Oil all over my hair and Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my scalp. I did this treatment for an hour without heat. While I was applying the oil to my hair I noticed I had a lot of hair loss. The hair loss comes from not moisturizing my hair properly during the week.

  • Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day | June 28!!

    2015.06.28 wash day relaxed hair (EEMSDIARY)

    I’m still on my stretch. The plan was to relax my hair last Sunday. Well I’m still debating if I need to relax my hair. This is so funny, because if have never been in this situation that I didn’t know when I should relax.

    2  0   w  e  e  k  s   p  o  s  t   r  e  l  a  x  e  r

    Pre poo treatment
    It’s been a while but I missed pre pooing my hair before a wash. I applied Coconut oil on my hair and Jamaican Black Castor oil on my scalp. After an hour pre pooing without heat, it was time to wash my hair.

  • Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day | June 13!

    2015.06.13 products

    At this point I’m 18 weeks post relaxer and I debating with myself when I should get a relaxer. My new grow feels good, soft and manageable. Only the new growth at my edges and nape are rough, but I don’t mind that. But I’m looking for a regimen to fix the texture at my nape and edges –  it’s kind of my problem area-

    Shampoo treatment
    I haven’t done a pre poo treatment for a while now, and it’s just because of the laziness – I need to stop being so lazy-. In two sections I washed my hair with Mizani Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo. During the wash I felt that my hair was over moisturized. – When your hair feels like an elastic band when stretching you know what time it is –

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