Saturday Sweetness | Can we go back?


This song is one of my favorite off the album!!

I know that this is kind of crazy 
But baby – I wanna make up

Song: Breakup 2 Makeup
Artist: Ashanti
Album: Chapter II
Year: 2003

This morning I was in the gym and my Ipod played this song.. Ow my I was in my feelings. This song is the TRUTH 

Cuz I was true when I gave you – My love

Song: If

Artist: Destiny’s Child

Album: Destiny Fulfilled

Year: 2004

Music | Next to You!


This song is everything. For me CiCi’s Goodies album is her BEST album. I can listen to this song over and over. Plus the song is produced by R. Kelly and that is always a plus.


I’m scared of being next to you, because of what I think I might do


Song: Next to You
Artist: Ciara
Album: Goodies
Year: 2014

Quote | You Got To Move Forward

2015.04.10 Quote

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