• Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day 20th October ’13

    [1] I started my wash day with a pre-poo. I really need to stick with my weekly pre poo treatment. For my scalp I used an oil mix (castor + peppermint oil). On my hair I applied Herbal Essence ‘Hello Hydration’. Before applying the conditioner, I sprayed my hair with water, just to make my hair a bit damp.  I really like this conditioner for a pre-poo and co-wash treatment. I pre-pooed my hair for 30 minutes without heat.

    [2] I used Nexxus ‘Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing shampoo’. This is my 3rd time using this shampoo and to be honest I don’t find it moisturizing. It does make my hair soft, but I can’t connect on the ultimate moisturizing part. 2013.10.20 wash day

  • Relaxed wash routine


    Today I co-wash my hair. I can’t remember the last time I co-washed my hair. I need to do it more often because my hair loves it.

    Step [1]

    Deep conditioned my hair with Creme of Nature’ Professional Moisture Extreme Conditioner’. I got a new bottle but they changed the formula (side eye). After washing the DC my hair felt soft. So I was happy about that. As always I mixed the DC with some oils (castor, coconut, grape seed, macadamia, peppermint and rosemary oil). I DC for 30 minutes with my hooded dryer.

  • Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day (Thursday)

    My hair was screaming for a wash.  I was free from work .. so I decided to wash my hair .. Well co-wash my hair. I haven’t co-washed my hair in a long time. I remember the days that I loved co-washing my hair .. I need to do it much more often.

    [1] I deep condition my hair on dry hair. I used ORS replenishing conditioner (I finished the bottle). When I condition my hair I always use oils. For this DC I used: macadamia, grape seed, castor, peppermint and rosemary oil.  I randomly picked this oil except for castor oil. Castor oil is one of my fav oil for DC.  I used my hooded hair dryer (Braun Drying Hood Elegance HLH 20) for about 30 min and then DC another 30 minutes without heat.

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