• Relaxed wash routine

    wash routine | relaxed hair

    Saturday 25 November


    This week I have been focusing on protecting my hair against the cold weather. Sometimes it sucks living in the Netherlands, it was a rainy week. To keep it simple, I styled my hair in two cornrows.

    STEP 1 | PRE-POO
    To give my wash routine a boost I decided to do an oil treatment. I warmed up my Coconut oil and in sections of four I applied the oil to my hair and scalp. Started at the end and worked my way on up. I went a little overboard with the oil but it got the job done! I let the oil sit on my hair for 30 minutes without using heat.

  • Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day | November 12!

    18 weeks post relaxer

    Today was must that a protein treatment was part of my routine. It’s been a while that I did a protein treatment. I say this every time ‘I need to step up my game, when it comes to protein’, but I’m the worst. When I notice that my hair is breaking then I reminded myself, ow it’s time for a protein.

  • Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day | January 1!

    Wash routine relaxed hair

    23 weeks post relaxer

    For the last past weeks I have been really active with protective styling my hair. It has helped me to keep my hair moisturized. Although I’m pleased with my protective styles I want to step my game up.

    [1] To clean my scalp and hair I used Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath Shampoo. Like always I shampooed my hair twice. After the wash I used a t-shirt to dry my hair.

  • Relaxed wash routine

    Wash day | July 4!!

    2015.07.04  wash day relaxed hair (EEMSDIARY)

    Does this sounds familiar? Your start your day and planned an easy going wash routine and before you know, you are running out of time. A wash routine can be easy and quick – don’t get me wrong – So Saturday was an easy wash routine.

    2  1   w  e  e  k  s   p  o  s  t   r  e  l  a  x  e  r

    Washing treatment
    It was time to clarify my hair. For the wash I used Mizani Puriphying Intense Cleansing Shampoo. This was my first using the product. When I need a clarifying shampoo this will be my go to shampoo. For this wash I sectioned my hair in five sections – normally it will be 4 –

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