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Dirty Laundry

Kelly Kelly Kelly!!! .. Dirty Laundry .. what can I say. Yesterday people were hyped.. so of course as a fan of the beautiful Rowland I listened to the song. All I can do is salute Kelly. She opened up and let us in her world. When the part came about the abusive relationship I was in shock and heartfelt. At the end of the song I could only say wooow *flavor flav voice*. It’s a powerful song (I’m going to be  honest .. it’s a nice song .. but I’m not in LOVE with it). But overall respect and thank you for being so open with us. I can’t wait for her first interview about this song.

  • Singer: Kelly Rowland
  • Song: Dirty Laundry
  • Album: Talk a Good Game
  • Writers: Kelly Rowland & The Dream
  • Producer: The Dream

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