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2015.01.21 Hairfinity


So the year 2014 was all about Hairfinity. I don’t know why, but everybody and their momma were promoting the hair vitamins capsules. Well I know why, because of the great outcome by taking them.

I never thought that I will be using Hairfinity. The reason why I say that is because I’m really bad with taking supplements. In the past I have used vitamin B supplements, but it gave me breakouts and I didn’t see any results.

My sister won a giveaway where she received 3 bottles of Hairfinity. She gave me one and that bottle has been chilling in my room for some months now. – She was even angry at me and said that she was planning to give the bottle away – I made excuses for not taking the capsules and then I thought heck let’s give it a try.  January 1st I started taking the vitamins capsules. Like I said I’m not good with taking supplements but so far it’s going oke.

I decided to use Hairfinity because I’m growing out my hair. My goal is to grow my hair to BSL (BraStrapLenght), but more important to have even lengths. I’m trying to see if it will make my hair stronger. My biggest problem is retaining length.

When I remember to take the capsules, I take two before I go bed or when I just had dinner. Most of the time I will take them before bed time. It’s easier for me to take the capsules that way.

My experience
For so far I’m happy that I don’t have crazy breakouts. I have seen some reviews that wasn’t positive concerning the skin. The advice is to drink a lot water. Well that is easy for me, because 99% of the time I drink water. I don’t see much results with my hair, but hey it only has been a view weeks. Plus it’s time for me to texlax my hair. I’m 15+ weeks, so I’m not really concentrating on my length right now. But yyeeaahhss for my nails. They are definitely stronger.  My nails break easy and now I have a decent length.

I need to buy new bottles to see how my experience is going to be.  In a view weeks I planned to texlax my hair. After that I can really monitor and see what results it will give me.

Hairfinity journey in full effect

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