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Diary Talk | Cut it up!

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In my last post I wrote that I wanted to go to a hair salon for a professional haircut. Well I planned to find a salon and get the job done, but something else happened.

It was washday and I followed my normal routine. When I was applying the conditioner to my hair I noticed the frustration. As I was detangling my hair and saw the thin ends, I was like ‘Why hold on? Cut it!!’ So I did just that. I took my scissors and started cutting. Please keep in mind I’m not a professional and how I cut is based on my own feelings.


My focus was on my thin ends, so I think I cut 80% of it off.

This is my ‘start fresh’ moment! I’m not done yet, but I needed to start somewhere and get my hair back healthy. At this moment my hair is back at Shoulder Length (SL). The important thing is my hair is thick and I can still style my hair in a high bun – happy me –

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