Update Q3 –  2015

healthy relaxed ‘texlaxed’ hair regimen


It’s been a while that I have updated my hair regimen. I’m still creating the solid regimen and fighting my laziness.


B A S I C          |           R E G I M E N


Daily routine

I must be my daily routine, but yeah laziness – somebody help me – The routine is to moisturize my hair every night. Then I skip a night I then make use to moisturize in the morning before styling my hair. At the moment Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter hair moisturizer and ORS Hair Lotion are my favourite for moisturizing

After moisturizing I like to seal my hair. Coconut Oil used to be my number one oil to seal, but that has changed. At the moment I use Almond Oil to seal my hair.

Weekly routine

Prepping my hair for a wash has been beneficial. Most of the times I use oils to pre poo. My favourite combination is Jamaican Castor Oil for my scalp & Coconut Oil for my hair.

My weekly wash routine is a must. I won’t go longer than 2 weeks without washing my hair. Depending how I treated my hair during the week I will choose a shampoo to wash with. Lately I try to use more moisture based shampoo, because my hair needs the moisture.

Something that I need to do more is co-washing.

After washing my hair it’s a must to deep condition. Most likey I will use a moisture based product or a light protein conditioner. To boost the treatment using my hooded dryer or steamer is always a plus.

Monthly routine

  • Clarify treatment
  • (hard) Protein treatment
  • Search & destroy method (getting rid of split ends)

I’m still figuring out when I should trim my hair. Most people will say every 6 month, but split ends is my down fall right now. Every 3 months I will do a length check to see if a trim is needed.

Protective styling

  • Bunning (90% of the time). To be honest I;m getting tired of the bun
  • Braiding or twisting hair style
  • Self-made wigs

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